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Ana M.
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Private room and bathroom near Lousã

Hodnoceno dne: 11.03.2023 Délka pobytu: 15 dní

Nice little place in the countryside and Ana is really welcoming, helpful and an all round genuinely lovely person. Thank you Ana!

It's a quiet little village with nice trails and very friendly people. There's a small shop that carries the basics. If you want a supermarket you'll need a bus/car to get to the nearby towns.

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2020 I moved from the Algarve to this very beautiful and secluded part of the country. Renovated this old country house and live with my 17 year old grandson that attends school in Lousã. Divide my day between teaching yoga and sound therapies, I am an astrologer and story teller. Love to grow my own vegetables and keep doing work around my house. And having people from other countries and cultures staying with us is always so enriching.
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I am very lucky because my hobbies and insterest are also my work.

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