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Joana M
Joana M.
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Lisabon, Queluz
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Tanja N.
Tanja N.
Před před 24 hodinami
Modern and clean apartment that is well connected to subway, trainstation and airport. The owner Joana is very kind and made sure I felt welcomed and had everything I need. Highly recommend!
Behzad J.
Behzad J.
Před před 25 dny
it was really clean with a calm environment. the landlord was really nice with positive vibe and the place was clean and tidy all the time. the kitchen stuff were new and the neighborhood was also good.


“Muito obrigado Joana. The place was exactly what I needed. It was clean and spacious. The common areas were also clean. You’re a great host! Always available and trustworthy! This is an excellent place to stay. The room and common areas are exactly as described in the webpage. My room was clean and spacious, and the common areas were also clean. The location is very nice and accessible to lots of public transportation and other services. I absolutely recommend this place to everyone.
She is a very good employee, very carefully competent, very good in personal and individual woking and an expert with a very good behaviour and very good colaboration in team working. Very honest, and correct :) Maria
Joana Motta Guedes is an excellent professional, an expert as host receiving gests properly, with kindness and with all attention and care. I can recommend her in my name and of all my team :) Palácio de Sant'Anna Maria de Jesus Lino Neto Manager
O mně
I'm an artist living in Lisbon, and I love travelling and visiting new places and meeting new people. I have been renting spaces since 2015 in a family business, and have been dedicated to this since then. I love meeting new cultures and learning new things! It's a pleasure for me to welcome you to this beauty city of Lisbon that I call home :)
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I am interested in architecture and art because my job is my hobby at the same time. So I can share plenty of tips with you of the best places to visit in Lisbon. I also love cycling so I can help you find the best cycling tours in Lisbon and I love the beach: I have plenty of tips for the best places for you to enjoy the sun, the good weather and the beautiful sea and landscapes near Lisbon. My other love (besides my family) is enjoying time with friends. A good dinner or a good glass of wine are always great occasions to share our time together: I can give you advice on my favourite spots for you to go. Lisbon has the perfect atmosfere for getting together and enjoy your time with the people you most love!

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