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Filipa M
Filipa M.
Costa da Caparica
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I am a Portuguese scientist, communications manager, dancer, and entrepreneur. I love Costa da Caparica and I am so happy to start sharing my fully renovated new apartment with guests. I love traveling, the outdoors, and culture, and specially I love water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and wing-foiling, which can either be done right on my door step or easily accessible from Costa da Caparica. I am also a dancer and every week in Costa or nearby there are events of Forro and Salsa dance. I am a yoga teacher in the styles of Himalayan kriya, ashtanga, pranayama, and yin yoga. I love also rock climbing, and there are many great climbing spots nearby. Another great thing to do in Costa that makes my day great is to go skating and roller blading on the promenade along the beach.

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