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Eduardo A.
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São Martinho do Porto
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Welcoming condo with swimming pool

Hodnoceno dne: 11.09.2022 Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc

This apartment is spectacular and we had the best time here. The complex is very clean and quiet, the pool is great. Eduardo and his family are fantastic hosts and very welcoming. Everything was perfect and would love to return one day.

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Louise G.


I've worked closely with Eduardo for more than one year. Honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness are highly valued by him. Working in a customer-facing team Eduardo knows that communication and service are key. You can expect nothing less from his role as landlord. Regards, Sam
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Eduardo, 33 year-old originally from Portugal, living for 10 years in the Netherlands. Hoping to give tourists, young professionals/families/digital nomads the opportunity to work comfortably from abroad and to explore the best of sunny Portugal without breaking the bank.
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Passionate about new cultures, music, food and travelling. Tech professional working for a software company in the field of logistics and supply chain.

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