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Thiago C.
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I have been renting this property for short stays for at least eight years. My main focus is providing enjoyable experiences for the guests I host. With the new tendency of longer stays, I have been modifying the house aiming on those that are searching for a calm place to hop in for a month or so, close to the city but away enough to be in contact with nature and to use the amenities the house offers.
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I am pretty much fanatic on tennis. I am a member of the Portuguese Tennis Federation, playing in the amateur 45 years and over category, ranked among the top 200. I also enjoy coffee, trying to understand the cultivation, grain varieties, blending, service and the art of the barista to the logistics of its international trade of this fantastic drink, revered all over the world. The same for beer. I am a Master Brewer since 2014. My beloved professional activity though is taking care of sick people, as I am a doctor since 1997 and am specialized in critical care medicine, board-recognized in Europe, Brazil and Dubai.

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