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Renáta D.
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Spacious living by Liberty Square

Hodnoceno dne: 16.10.2023 Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc

We had a great experience at this flat. It is not only comfortable but also perfectly located. It is well-naturally lit, which makes it a nice spot to work from. Renata is an exceptional host, and along with Martha, they welcomed us with the apartment neat, clean, and well-stocked with essentials like bed linens and towels. The well-equipped kitchen is a bonus. I highly recommend this flat for a comfortable and convenient stay.

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Ana Lucia C.

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As someone who has lived with Renáta for many years, I can tell that she is friendly and easy to deal with. Overall, she is a very decent person, honest and trustworthy, so you don’t need to fear renting from her.
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I am a Hungarian PhD student, political analyst and communications professional. My family purchased this flat in 1996 and since then it has served many purposes. For the last 10 years, I have lived in this apartment with my Brazilian boyfriend and our cat, and we wholeheartedly loved it. We eventually had to move because the cat wanted more greenery :)
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Thermal baths, restaurants, bars, parks.... ask me about anything, I know all the secrets of the city

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